WHY DO BUSINESS WITH US? Properly designed promotional campaigns place YOUR message into the hands of YOUR target audience on an item that is of VALUE to them and ensures your message will have a longer life than ANY other advertising media. The right promotional products will increase customer loyalty, create new customers, enhance employee recruiting/retention, reinforce workplace safety, and increase sales. PRICING LogoPro is an affiliate of Adventures in Advertising, a select group of high performing business owners, with offices in every state & direct import capabilities. We have significant purchasing contracts with the top suppliers in our industry. ART & GRAPHICS Our graphic artists enable us to be a “one-stop-shop.” Artwork is usually prepared within two business days, typically at substantially lower costs than independent graphic artists. ON-TIME DELIVERY We have the relationships with suppliers to ensure your products arrive on-time. WE ARE OWNERS LogoPro is a locally owned, incorporated business, enabling quick responses & exceptional service.